The Top 7 Things to Do in Barcelona 2017

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The Top 7 Things to Do in Barcelona 2017

Sightseeing in Barcelona & Catalonia - Majestic Luxury Hotel, Passeig de Gracia

When you are touring on a short span of time, you will have to make the most of your trip and go back home satisfied that you have been to the best places and seen the most famous of landmarks. This is quite challenging because your itinerary should be in place to be able to cover the best spots. Here, we will tell you about some of the best things to do in Barcelona so that you do not miss anything when you are returning home.

Some of the best things to do in Barcelona are:

  • Explore Gaudi- Gaudi is one of the topmost attractions in Barcelona for the tourists as well as for the residents. The city’s modern landscape has been designed by Antoni Gaudi and you will find several specimens of his work dotting the landscape like the famous Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and La Pedrera. Also, there are the less significant ones like Casa Vicens, Torre Bellesguard and Casa Batllo which will provide you an opportunity to celebrate his work.
  • Let the Music Play- Barcelona has lovely concert halls where the music fraternity creates wonderful music for all to enjoy. The Razzmatazz and Apolo are two of the best venues of the city’s music scene. Also, there is the Gran Teatro Del Liceu which is a grand place to visit with plush red carpets and decorated with gold leaf and ornate carvings. The L’Auditori is also a fashionable musical place for the music lovers. You can witness some of the most famous international music concerts in Barcelona like the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona, Sonar and Cruilla and primavera Sound.
  • Enjoy the Food- Barcelona is a foodie’s paradise. Pintxos, the city’s delicacy comes with a plate full of goodies on a piece of bread which has now become a trend in Barcelona’s culinary scene. There is an interesting tradition associated with it. The eater must gather toothpicks which in the end will be charged. Give it a try at the Euskal Etxea where you will love the ham smpanadillas, chicken tempura and saffron mayonnaise pintxos and melted provolone with mango and ham. You will also find a mini-brochette of pork. You should also visit the tapas where you can savor the taste of patatas bravas. Use excellent beer to gulp it down also. Also, do not forget to try the vermouth at the weekends.
  • Soak up the Sun- Barcelona offers every visitor the opportunity to soak up the sun at the beautiful beaches. Spend some lazy time with your loved one with sun screen, sand, towel, umbrella and your rucksack. From Nova Icaria, Mar Bella to Saint Sebastian each of these beaches features it selection of chiringuitos. Most of these beaches have an amazing nightlife which will electrify you and alter on you can visit the coastal towns of the Mediterranean also.
  • Wear the Local Thread- Barcelona offers a great variety in style and fabric. Zara and Mango carry the fashion scene on their shoulders in Barcelona along with Zazo&Brull which is the paradise for the fashionista. At the last one you will be able to buy stylish stuff at affordable price. For the accessory lovers Cuervo Cobber Black Bird is the place to be. They have everything imaginable by you and for you. Other boutiques and shops offering quintessential Barcelona are Syngman Cucala, The Box and Room.
  • Festival Time- If you are a festival lover, the month of September should be ideal for visiting Barcelona. The Festes de la Merce takes place during that season which signifies the Catalan culture in Barcelona. It had started as a religious festival but now has expanded into a full blown party scene for 7 days. Firework display, live performances, exhibitions, seafront air show, children’s activities and free concerts are all a part of this grand celebration of Catalan culture.
  • Explore the Neighborhood- Get out a little from within the city and discover the beauty of Gracia which is the most wonderful neighborhood of Barcelona. There are posh shops though the place has a charm of the small town. You can take a nature break at the parks and gardens spending time away from the crowds of the city.

These are some of the best ways to make every day count in Barcelona.