Interview with Maribel Verdú

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Interview with Maribel Verdú

How did you first get to know about MajesticSpa?

M.V.: It was a long time ago. Elena Serra, of Natura Bissé, told me that there was a wonderful Spa on the top floor of the hotel where I could have treatments with products of her brand. So I tried it; I had a facial treatment and the same day I discovered these wonderful chairs where I could also have a pedicure...I just fell in love!

While I was having the pedicure and my feet were in a Jacuzzi-, I was also having a feet, legs and back massage. It was fantastic!

I also discovered the wonderful views of the roof terrace of Hotel Majestic. They are very impressive. A really luxurious terrace. Luxury of luxuries!

Which are your favourite treatments??

M.V.: Oh, I like them all; facial treatments, pedicures, manicures...But the very best are the massages. I'm very fussy about massages. You can make me the happiest person in the world with a good massage, but you can also make me get up after 5 minutes and go...

However, all the MajesticSpa therapists are fantastic and they know how to give a fully personalized massage. When I'm in their hands I just let go and let them work on my relaxation and complete well-being

Well, actually, it's more than just relaxation, it's even better. Depending on the part of the body they treat, they work on muscle contractions or relaxation. It's wonderful to find professionals like this...

Have you ever treated anyone to a spa treatment??

M.V.:Of course. I think it's the perfect gift. Gift vouchers for birthdays, or before a première...for any special occasion. Yes, yes, I've done it.

All the make-up you have to wear for acting in films, theatre..all those long hours working, does it mean that you have to take more care of your skin? And if so, how do you do it??

M.V.: Well, the most important thing is to sleep 8 to 9 hours every night. Some people manage on less, but I definitely need 8 to 9 hours sleep. It helps me: it helps my body, my skin and my mind too. Then, of course, moisturising, moisturising and moisturising: that's very important for my hair, for my nails, for my skin. Ah! And I mustn't forget to remove all make-up before going to bed.


At MajesticSpa you will find the best moisturising treatments for face & body as well as hands & feet treatments. In addition, our boutiques offers you the chance to purchase the most suitable products to take home for your daily care & well-being.