Interview with José Coronado

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Interview with José Coronado

How did you first get to know about MajesticSpa?

J.C.: Well, I got to know about it as a guest of Hotel Majestic. I saw some information in my room and, since I am very keen on massages and body treatments, I decided to give it a try.

I clearly remember the first time that I went to the Spa: I remember stepping out of the lift and being greatly surprised by the impressive views of Barcelona.

Which are your favourite treatments?

J.C.: Well, as I've said, I like everything. Facial and body treatments, massages and even manicures. It's great when I come to MajesticSpa because I always get advise about the most suitable massage or treatment I can get. They know what I do, the long hours I spend on the set, so they understand what I need and I just relax...

Have you ever treated anyone to a spa treatment?

J.C.: Of course. I think it's an incredible present. A really nice gift for someone. I could even say, the best gift if you don't know what to buy. Everyone is happy with something like that. It shows that you love that person, that you care for his or her well-being

All the make-up you have to wear for acting in films, theatre..all those long hours working, does it mean that you have to take more care of your skin? And if so, how do you do it?

J.C.: Actually, I don't look after myself at all. I don't even have the time to put creams on...yes, it's true..So the only way I can do it properly is by booking an appointment at a Spa. I trust Spa professionals to decide what's best for my body, for my skin.

What would you say to other men like you who are thinking about going to a Spa but are not totally sure about it?

J.C.: In my opinion, going to a Spa is " not only very pleasant when you are actually there, but it also is an investment in the future"

Being able to fit treatments in your daily routine to look after yourself and feel better is even better than making love....(laughs)


The team of MajesticSpa is always delighted to advise clients about treatments and other beauty & well-being services..