Interview with Jessica Exposito

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Interview with Jessica Exposito

How did you get to know about MajesticSpa?

J.E.: It was a few months ago. I met Susan Oños, the PR of Hotel Majestic, and she told me about the fantastic Majestic Moments Floor at the hotel. She then invited me and my partner to go and have something to drink on the terrace.

I didn’t want to miss that chance so, the following Sunday, I went there with my boyfriend and brother to check what she had said in person.  It was incredible.

When I got to the terrace, I realized that MajesticSpa was also there. As I am a real fan of massages, facial treatments and spas in general, I went in to find out more about it.

I was treated so well by all the staff that, that same day, I booked a massage, a facial treatment and a pedicure.

So, you can say that it was by chance that I got to know MajesticSpa.

Which are your favourite treatments?

J.E.: Well, I would say that all of them. I am used to looking after myself but not to having someone do it for me. And that is very pleasant.

Obviously, I haven’t had time yet to try all the treatments on offer, though it is one of my resolutions for this 2013.

But I can tell you about the treatments I did try. DIAMOND WHITE: the facial treatment to get rid of skin blemishes. I really wanted an expert to give me some advice on which was the best treatment for me. On my first appointment, the therapist’s diagnosis was incredible and, then, the treatment itself,  even more. I know that Natura Bissé products are very good, but the therapist’s hands were magical and the service impeccable.

Regarding the Spa Pedicure, sports people in general have to be very careful with their feet and, the moment I sat down on the Pedispa chair, - that included a back massage &  a foot Jacuzzi - and I started to try the fruit brochette and the natural fruit juice that I was offered, I felt in paradise.

And of course, the relaxing massage with Argan oil was great. It is not your average massage for sure; the team of MajesticSpa really knows what they are doing.

Have you ever given anyone a Spa Treatment Voucher as a gift?

J.E.: Yes, absolutely.

You know, what happens is that sometimes I give what I would like to get. So, this is one of my favourite gifts for those I love the most. I think it is much appreciated because it is like buying TIME for yourself and, these days, it is something we all need

Sport, gymnasium, sweating….to look good while you are giving an hour-long cardio-vascular class isn’t easy. How do you do it?

J.E.: Of course, I am very lucky to do what I like the most and on top of that to look after myself because I am a professional sportswoman. Also, because I have to take care of what I eat to have all the energy I need for my classes and at the same time keep fit. It is all very important.

Even so, I must admit that, in the last few years I am focusing more on consulting than on imparting lessons myself, so I can perfectly understand how difficult it is to find time to do some exercise. However, we must be aware that only 30 minutes, 3 times a week of exercise; a healthy diet; and the useful advice of beauty & wellbeing professionals can be very helpful to make us feel better about ourselves while we look after ourselves too.