Interview with Verónica Blume

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Interview with Verónica Blume

When did you get to know MajesticSpa?

V.B.: The same day I knew about it, I really got into it. It all happened when the magazine Telva prepared a special feature on Barcelona and I was invited to enjoy the “Diamond y Sinfonía” treatment that you offer together with a high-end cosmetic company. I came first thing in the morning and I had never started the day being so well cared for, offered so many amenities and feeling so great.

Which are your favourite treatments?

V.B.: The one I love the most is the Mineral Ritual, because it uses natural products during the massage. I love them all, really, but particularly when they employ natural elements like quartz, crystals, stones…

I also like facial treatments, because you can really see how your skin improves every day as time goes on.

Have you ever given a Spa Treatment Voucher as a gift?

V.B.: Yes, to my sisters. I wanted them to feel like princesses for a day. I think that, many times, women forget about themselves. They are always thinking about others, those they love, those around them…But, we all should also look after ourselves too.

What do you find most remarkable about MajesticSpa?

V.B.: The feeling of high quality that it inspires, its style, a team of excellent professionals that are aware of their client’s needs…And also, of course, the location. It is a kind of luxurious “chocolate box”.

You have travelled a lot and can tell us if we have anything to envy spas in other countries and, if so, why.?

V.B.: Not at all! Of course there are spas in amazing locations. However, once you are in the parlour, what really counts is the energy you feel and the products being used. We are too inclined to look at what there is abroad and not at what we have here.

What would you recommend to keep fit nowadays, with our stressing life styles??

V.B.: Most of all, to practise YOGA. For my job and in my experience it changed my life but, maybe, for another person is better to jog or to swim. All the same, I recommend giving it a try. YOGA helped me to know myself better, to understand the human body, to listen to it and look after it. It helps me to feel much better.

Finally, a message to encourage people to come and get to know MajesticSpa.

V.B.: To look after oneself is a kind of personal ritual. We all deserve a little time to ourselves. You feel better and so do all those around you. When you feel good, better looking, relaxed…your relationships improved and you are stronger to face the many challenges of life.

Many thanks Verónica! All Majestic staff thanks you for all the trust you have deposited in us.