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Vip Guests

Verķnica Blume
International Top Model
Interview to Verķnica Blume (International Top Model)

Verķnica Blume, -a frequent guest of MajesticSpa- explains and confesses her favorite treatments at MajesticSpa.

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When did you get to know MajesticSpa?

The same day I knew about it, I really got into it. It all happened when the magazine Telva prepared a special feature on Barcelona and I was invited to enjoy the “Diamond y Sinfonía” treatment that you offer together with a high-end cosmetic company. I came first thing in the morning and I had never started the day being so well cared for, offered so many amenities and feeling so great.

Which are your favourite treatments?

The one I love the most is the Mineral Ritual, because it uses natural products during the massage. I love them all, really, but particularly when they employ natural elements like quartz, crystals, stones…

I also like facial treatments, because you can really see how your skin improves every day as time goes on.

Have you ever given a Spa Treatment Voucher as a gift?

Yes, to my sisters. I wanted them to feel like princesses for a day. I think that, many times, women forget about themselves. They are always thinking about others, those they love, those around them…But, we all should also look after ourselves too.

What do you find most remarkable about MajesticSpa?

The feeling of high quality that it inspires, its style, a team of excellent professionals that are aware of their client’s needs…And also, of course, the location. It is a kind of luxurious “chocolate box”.

You have travelled a lot and can tell us if we have anything to envy spas in other countries and, if so, why.

Not at all! Of course there are spas in amazing locations. However, once you are in the parlour, what really counts is the energy you feel and the products being used. We are too inclined to look at what there is abroad and not at what we have here.

What would you recommend to keep fit nowadays, with our stressing life styles?

Most of all, to practise YOGA. For my job and in my experience it changed my life but, maybe, for another person is better to jog or to swim. All the same, I recommend giving it a try. YOGA helped me to know myself better, to understand the human body, to listen to it and look after it. It helps me to feel much better.

Finally, a message to encourage people to come and get to know MajesticSpa

To look after oneself is a kind of personal ritual. We all deserve a little time to ourselves. You feel better and so do all those around you. When you feel good, better looking, relaxed…your relationships improved and you are stronger to face the many challenges of life.


Many thanks Verķnica! All Majestic staff thanks you for all the trust you have deposited in us.

Interview to Jessica Exposito
REEBOK FITNESS GLOBAL AMBASSADOR, Creator of XMOVE program for DIR Fitness Clubs and Creator of Batuka
Interview to Jessica Exposito (Fitness Expert)

Jessica Exposito, -a frequent guest of MajesticSpa- explains and confesses her favorite treatments at MajesticSpa.

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How did you get to know about MajesticSpa?
It was a few months ago. I met Susan Oņos, the PR of Hotel Majestic, and she told me about the fantastic Majestic Moments Floor at the hotel. She then invited me and my partner to go and have something to drink on the terrace.
I didn’t want to miss that chance so, the following Sunday, I went there with my boyfriend and brother to check what she had said in person.  It was incredible.
When I got to the terrace, I realized that MajesticSpa was also there. As I am a real fan of massages, facial treatments and spas in general, I went in to find out more about it.
I was treated so well by all the staff that, that same day, I booked a massage, a facial treatment and a pedicure.
So, you can say that it was by chance that I got to know MajesticSpa.
Which are your favourite treatments?
Well, I would say that all of them. I am used to looking after myself but not to having someone do it for me. And that is very pleasant.
Obviously, I haven’t had time yet to try all the treatments on offer, though it is one of my resolutions for this 2013.
But I can tell you about the treatments I did try. DIAMOND WHITE: the facial treatment to get rid of skin blemishes. I really wanted an expert to give me some advice on which was the best treatment for me. On my first appointment, the therapist’s diagnosis was incredible and, then, the treatment itself,  even more. I know that Natura Bissé products are very good, but the therapist’s hands were magical and the service impeccable.
Regarding the Spa Pedicure, sports people in general have to be very careful with their feet and, the moment I sat down on the Pedispa chair, - that included a back massage &  a foot Jacuzzi - and I started to try the fruit brochette and the natural fruit juice that I was offered, I felt in paradise.
And of course, the relaxing massage with Argan oil was great. It is not your average massage for sure; the team of MajesticSpa really knows what they are doing.
Have you ever given anyone a Spa Treatment Voucher as a gift?
Yes, absolutely.
You know, what happens is that sometimes I give what I would like to get. So, this is one of my favourite gifts for those I love the most. I think it is much appreciated because it is like buying TIME for yourself and, these days, it is something we all need.
Sport, gymnasium, sweating….to look good while you are giving an hour-long cardio-vascular class isn’t easy. How do you do it?
Of course, I am very lucky to do what I like the most and on top of that to look after myself because I am a professional sportswoman. Also, because I have to take care of what I eat to have all the energy I need for my classes and at the same time keep fit. It is all very important.
Even so, I must admit that, in the last few years I am focusing more on consulting than on imparting lessons myself, so I can perfectly understand how difficult it is to find time to do some exercise. However, we must be aware that only 30 minutes, 3 times a week of exercise; a healthy diet; and the useful advice of beauty & wellbeing professionals can be very helpful to make us feel better about ourselves while we look after ourselves too.

Interview to José Coronado
Actor and winner of a Goya Award
Interview to José Coronado (Actor)

José Coronado, -a regular guest of MajesticSpa- has kindly given us an interview to tell us about his experience and preferences at MajesticSpa.

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How did you first get to know about MajesticSpa?
Well, I got to know about it as a guest of Hotel Majestic. I saw some information in my room and, since I am very keen on massages and body treatments, I decided to give it a try.
I clearly remember the first time that I went to the Spa: I remember stepping out of the lift and being greatly surprised by the impressive views of Barcelona.
Which are your favourite treatments?

Well, as I've said, I like everything. Facial and body treatments, massages and even manicures. It's great when I come to MajesticSpa because I always get advise about the most suitable massage or treatment I can get. They know what I do, the long hours I spend on the set, so they understand what I need and I just relax...
Have you ever treated anyone to a spa treatment?

Of course. I think it's an incredible present. A really nice gift for someone. I could even say, the best gift if you don't know what to buy. Everyone is happy with something like that. It shows that you love that person, that you care for his or her well-being
All the make-up you have to wear for acting in films, theatre..all those long hours working, does it mean that you have to take more care of your skin? And if so, how do you do it?

Actually, I don't look after myself at all. I don't even have the time to put creams on...yes, it's true..So the only way I can do it properly is by booking an appointment at a Spa. I trust Spa professionals to decide what's best for my body, for my skin.
What would you say to other men like you who are thinking about going to a Spa but are not totally sure about it?
In my opinion, going to a Spa is " not only very pleasant when you are actually there, but it also is an investment in the future"
Being able to fit treatments in your daily routine to look after yourself and feel better is even better than making love....(laughs)


The team of MajesticSpa is always delighted to advise clients about treatments and other beauty & well-being services.

Interview to Maribel Verdú
Actress and winner of a Goya Award
Interview to Maribel Verdú (Actress)

Maribel Verdú, -a regular guest of MajesticSpa- has kindly given us an interview to tell us about her experience and preferences at MajesticSpa.

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How did you first get to know about MajesticSpa?
It was a long time ago. Elena Serra, of Natura Bissé, told me that there was a wonderful Spa on the top floor of the hotel where I could have treatments with products of her brand. So I tried it; I had a facial treatment and the same day I discovered these wonderful chairs where I could also have a pedicure...I just fell in love!
While I was having the pedicure and my feet were in a Jacuzzi-, I was also having a feet, legs and back massage. It was fantastic!
I also discovered the wonderful views of the roof terrace of Hotel Majestic. They are very impressive. A really luxurious terrace. Luxury of luxuries!
Which are your favourite treatments?

Oh, I like them all; facial treatments, pedicures, manicures...But the very best are the massages. I'm very fussy about massages. You can make me the happiest person in the world with a good massage, but you can also make me get up after 5 minutes and go...
However, all the MajesticSpa therapists are fantastic and they know how to give a fully personalized massage. When I'm in their hands I just let go and let them work on my relaxation and complete well-being
Well, actually, it's more than just relaxation, it's even better. Depending on the part of the body they treat, they work on muscle contractions or relaxation. It's wonderful to find professionals like this...
Have you ever treated anyone to a spa treatment?

Of course. I think it's the perfect gift. Gift vouchers for birthdays, or before a premičre...for any special occasion. Yes, yes, I've done it.
All the make-up you have to wear for acting in films, theatre..all those long hours working, does it mean that you have to take more care of your skin? And if so, how do you do it?

Well, the most important thing is to sleep 8 to 9 hours every night. Some people manage on less, but I definitely need 8 to 9 hours sleep. It helps me: it helps my body, my skin and my mind too. Then, of course, moisturising, moisturising and moisturising: that's very important for my hair, for my nails, for my skin. Ah! And I mustn't forget to remove all make-up before going to bed.


At MajesticSpa you will find the best moisturising treatments for face & body as well as hands & feet treatments. In addition, our boutiques offers you the chance to purchase the most suitable products to take home for your daily care & well-being.

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