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Mar 2015

5 Stars Grand Luxe Hotel at Passeig de Grācia, Barcelona
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All the secrets of your skin in our hands.

The innovative techniques employed in the SPA are based on the highly effective line of products Natura Bissé (Barcelona); a cosmetic revolution. A large range of these products can be purchased in our boutique to suit any specific needs. A specialist will assist you and help you choose any specific treatment.

Majestic SPA beauty-treatment products are now available for you to take home.


Cosmeceutical line of the prestigious Dr. Perricone that is placed at the forefront of advances in products for skin care.

Retard the aging process and even reverse existing damage.

Diamond Collection

A real gem for your skin. Last generation skin care: the luxury and shine of a diamond enclosed in an exclusive and innovative treatment. A new concept in beauty care designed for extremely sensitive skin; Global anti-aging treatment with a lifting effect.

Inhibit Collection

Created to be a cosmetic alternative to micro-injections, the results can be appreciated immediately. The lifting effect makes face, neck and cleavage look younger and refreshed.


Natural Cosmetics for your hands and feet.
Visible effects due to the high activity of extracts from wild grasses from Siberia and Far East
Hypoallergenic, no parabens or synthetic dyes.
Innovative formula specially developed to allow maximum possible percentage of natural substances.
Contains certified organic extracts by ECOCERT

Oxygen Collection

With time, the amount of oxygen that our organism gets decreases and this is one of the reasons why our skin looses its youthful look and splendour. With Oxygen Line the skin is revitalized, purified and decongested.

Vitamin C+C Collection

Throughout the years, external factors can have a damaging effect on your skin and make it age prematurely. On its own, it might not be able to counteract these factors, but with the help of C+C Vitamin Line, you will manage to repair and prevent further damages in the most natural possible way.

The Cure Collection

Nowadays life can be really frantic. Stress has damaging effects on our organisms, not least on our skin, which is exposed to all external toxic elements. The Cure provides a new generation of specially designed cosmetic products that will cover all your skin-care needs.

Sensitive Collection

Sensitive skin reacts easily against any external element and gets extremely sore. It tends to get itchy, taut and also to age prematurely. Sensitive Line will regenerate, reaffirm and protect it thanks to the innovative Multiactive Complex for Sensitive Skin that combines botanic and sea elements.

Eye and lips Contour Line

The skin around the eyes and lips is the finest, most delicate and sensitive. It easily looses its elasticity & firmness and it gets dehydrated. This is partly due to the constant movement of the muscles of these areas that soon show signs of aging and fatigue.


This is the most complete and effective exfoliation programme that can be found in the market today. It is based on natural ingredients that not only get rid of dead cutaneous cells, but also help the skin to repair and re-hydrate at great speed.

Sun Screen Collection

To sunbathe in excess has negative effects and leads to cutaneous photo-aging. The Sun Screen Collection of Natura Bissé offers total Photo-protection; it treats wrinkles, the loss of elasticity & firmness, redness and any cutaneous marks produced by solar exposure.

SPA Line

As well as the face, the body needs special treatments and attentions to be in perfect condition. These corporal creams and lotions have a high concentration of elements that act wherever they are most needed.


Creative Nail Design is the market's leader for professional manicure and pedicure products. The company has a proven record in the creation and innovation of products that enhance the beauty of your hands & feet.
You can enjoy these products with our SPA manicure / SPA pedicure; our Nail Treatment and Vinylux.

5 Stars Grand Luxe Hotel at Passeig de Grācia, Barcelona
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