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Social Corporate Responsibility

Declaration of commitment to SCR

Majestic Hotel Group would like you to form part of its Social Corporate Responsibility policy. The latter is carried out in a variety of forms, including work-based, social and environmental actions that have already had a positive impact on the company's responsible performance.

The values sponsored by this policy are always taken into account and we have already managed to both develop and integrate them on a daily basis.

For Majestic Hotel Group, social responsibility is a pivotal part of the company's corporate culture and as a result, every year, Majestic Hotel Group renews it commitment with some of the most disadvantaged sectors in society.

We collaborate closely in the projects of the IRES Foundation ( giving its support to initiatives that want to improve the lives of the most vulnerable amongst us and those at risk of social exclusion. Majestic Hotel & Spa has signed an agreement on Corporate Social Responsibility to collaborate on various projects of this admirable organization:

  • Since 2012, we will be asking our clients to donate 1€ every time they stay at the hotel. With this contribution, clients will be helping children through aid programs.
  • The initiative 'Solidarity Suite', -in benefit of the social actions that the foundation has been supporting in the last 45 years-, will take place between July and September. During this period, Majestic Hotel & Spa will donate a percentage of the income generated by the reservation of room 225 to the Ires Foundation .

Majestic Hotel Group has made the principles of Social Corporate Responsibility its own and applies them to the management of all its hotels. This Responsible Tourism Philosophy has led the group to be a pioneer in terms of the development and implementation of Quality and Environmental Management Systems as per the normative UNE-EN ISO9001:2015; UNE-EN ISO14001:2015 and the European Rule EMAS 1221/2009.

We are after three main objectives: social, environmental and economic improvement in all areas of influence covered by our hotels.

To define oneself as a chain of responsible hotels is not just a commitment, it is also a stimulating challenge based on daily effort.

Barcelona, 2019.

Sr. Malco Par
General Manager of Majestic Hotel Group