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Restaurants & Bars

In Barcelona to say high gastronomy is to instantly think of Majestic Hotel & Spa. Majestic offers several magnificent choices that include the excellent buffet breakfast (awarded "Best Hotel Breakfast in Europe 2018") created by the chef Nandu Jubany and the more relaxed and carefree La Dolce Vitae, - an ideal place to enjoy Barcelona at night.

Restaurants & Bars

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The Chef Nandu Jubany

Majestic Hotel & Spa always in constant evolution want to complete his renovated facilities with the best quality offer in terms of gastronmy. We are really proud of having now a renowned chef as Nandu Jubany in our property as gastronomic advisor. A benchmark chef of haute cuisine, fine dining and awarded with one Michelin star at his restaurant 'Can Jubany' in the nearby Catalan county of Osona.

Restaurant SOLC

Solc, the new dining experience from Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, bringing raw materials from the hotel's own vegetable garden in Maresme and fish and meat from local producers to its kitchens. The restaurant has been designed as a tribute to the most local produce used in Catalan cuisine since ancient times with recipes that respect and extol tradition. Immediacy, freshness, origin and respect are the concepts linked to the hotel's new culinary initiative.

The Majestic Brunch and Breakfasts

Awarded "Best Hotel Breakfast in Europe 2018" granted in the Villégiature Awards.

'El Bar del Majestic'

With 'El Bar del Majestic', our Majestic Hotel & Spa, 5 Star Luxury Hotel in Barcelona, has found the key to utmost comfort in one of the city's most charismatic locations, Passeig de Gràcia. This is the preferred meeting point of people from all walks of national and international life.

Bar Rooftop 'La Dolce Vitae'

The ideal place for those with an exquisite taste and palate who wish to enjoy the essence of the Mediterranean: colours, fresh air & open spaces blend to perfection in a comfortable and youthful atmosphere. The exclusive furniture stand up against the magnificent swimming pool. Here, this space is enhanced by the ever jolly Mediterranean sky.

Majestic Catering by Nandu Jubany

Majestic Catering was born in 2016 as a result of the demand from guests staying at the Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona to extend the Majestic experience to events outside of the hotel. Jubany Events is our off-site consultancy catering, so we offer the cuisine of Michelin star awarded Nandu Jubany.