Enjoy a grand annual corporate dinner at a luxurious hotel in Barcelona

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Enjoy a grand annual corporate dinner at a luxurious hotel in Barcelona

Corporate Christmas Dinners at a luxurious Hotel Majestic Barcelona *****GL

Not for nothing is the Majestic Hotels & Spa Barcelona regarded as one of the top names when you think of a luxurious hotel in Barcelona. We have a whole lot to offer to you in terms of facilities and comfort and every other good thing in life, the kind of which you are not going to get anywhere else. If you are someone who loves working and organizing business meets and dinners at hotels then you should definitely look at anyone else but us. We are capable of holding a wide range of events some of whom may be mentioned as below:

► If you wish, you can download in PDF format our Christmas Menus for Groups & Companies 2017

Business meetings

Our business meeting room is known as Mediterraneo and it is also one major reason why we are regarded as a top luxurious hotel in Barcelona. The room has every little thing that you can need from such a space. There is plenty of space to play with, which it makes it really versatile as well. The room was redone in 2012 and since that time it has been one of the most favored options of the business outlets in the region as far as events of these types are concerned.

What is there on offer?

The room offers the perfect combination of comfort and technology and since it is spacious it can easily make space for around 500 people. The room can also be divided with the help of panels. This means that there are plenty of possibilities that you are able to play with – you can design it just about in any way that you wish to in order to organize your business event. We are the only hotel located in the city center of Barcelona that can offer you such a facility.

Plenty to choose from

As we have stressed already there are plenty of combinations that you can choose from while you are organizing your business dinner and meeting over here at the Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona. There are so many things that you can do with this room. If you wish to host plenty of people and make it a truly big event it is possible to do so.  It is also possible to hold those smaller meetings with the most important people in a company from a hierarchical point of view – the management.

Playing with the combinations

You can also host a private business dinner and lunch if you wanted to. You need not worry about the quality of food on offer since you can trust us to provide you the very best. If you want to create resting spaces during such an event then also you could do that over here as well. The technological facilities available over here are top notch to say the very least. All the event rooms at the Majestic are equipped with high-speed wireless (Wi-Fi) internet. This makes sure that you are able to work in a convenient manner and create a private network of sorts in the space that you use.

Making reservations easier

We know how important it is for you – our beloved and treasured clients – to be able to make reservations without so much as breaking a sweat. We also know and acknowledge a fact that it is not possible for everyone to speak Catalan or Spanish, let alone speak it fluently. This is why we have a multilingual team that can help you with the entire process of reservation. The members of this team can help you with the budget proposal as well as with the ending of your event.

Complete dedication

We at the Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona are completely dedicated to making sure that your event is the roaring success that you intended it to be right from the get-go. The best part of doing such a business event at our hotel is that since we are located right at the heart of the Catalan capital we are well connected from a transport point of view. This means that there should be no problem whatsoever in coming to our hotel and going from here. You can always get in touch with us and we will provide you quotes and do everything in our power to host your business dinner the perfect way.